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Gamakatsu G-Carp Super Fishing Hook (10 Pack) Price: $6.99 (as of 03/10/2022 22:31 PST- Details)

G-carp hook
Quantity per package: 10
Size 2, bronze

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The G-Carp super hook can be used effectively for a variety of pop-up assemblies. The super hook rotates during Bite to perfectly and securely engage in the lower Lip of the Carp. Forged for toughness and features the innovative Nano smooth coating for fast penetration. Carp have sensitive sucker-lips. They’ll drop a bait the second they feel anything sharp. That’s why Gamakatsu has carefully shaped all the G Carp hooks to hide perfectly concealed within every type of bait. Specifications:- type: G-Carp- size: 2- color: bronze- quantity per package: 10″”.

G-carp hook
Quantity per package: 10
Size 2, bronze

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