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Five easy camping tricks

Five easy camping tricks

Camping is an exciting activity that allows you to have a wonderful experience innature. We all know that as you get away from modern amenities, sometimes camping can be a bit tricky.However, knowing some tips and tricks will make things much easier for you and your experience.  Having said that we have complied a set of easy tips that will do just that. Most of these tips and tricks will not only make you look experienced and cool in front of your camping buddies but also very easy to implement.


    • Drybagsare an essential part of outdoor activates. We all know from the name that their primary purpose if to keep your belonging dry. They can also be used to store your smelly and dirty clothes separate from the clean and fresh ones. You can, wash your clothes inside a dry bag. Most important, if you are to cross a river or get on a boat, it can be used as a flotation device.  If you need to carry water to your camp site, it can be used as a bucket.


      1. If you havetrouble starting a campfire, you can use your alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Using a bit of sanitizer on the wood can help getting the catch the tinder on fire quickly. Just be careful sincealcohol-based hand sanitizers are incredibly flammable.


      1. Have you had issues with your feet being cold at night while in a tent, camping? Fill a water bottle with hot water and tossed the bottle into the foot of your sleeping bag. Just make sure to use a secure bottle.  Last you need is your sleeping bag get wet and full of water.


      1. If you are like most of the population who like the outdoors but hate bugs and mosquitos, then this is for you. Just bring along a few bundles of sage and throw them in the campfire. The smoke of sage will repel the pesky bugs away from your area.


    1. We all like to have eggs during camping, but always have issues with transporting them in one piece. Most of the time in between all the camping gear we find half the eggs broken.  Well, you could always buy expensive hard plastic egg carrying cases.  Or what you can do is pour the eggs in water bottles where you can shake them to scramble and then put those in the cooler ready to use.


We hope that the above suggestions will make your camping adventure much easier and fun.

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